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Sixth issue has come out and is now available for purchase and immediate shipping.
Go to our order page to obtain your copy of this publication.
The February 2015 issue is a full 68 page color magazine + cover.
The Hamburg-American Line and Haiti is the title of the issue.
Full Table  of Content  listed below.

Introduction  3

Table 1: Manuscript ship names on mail from Haiti  4

EKUs and LKUs  5

The HAPAG stamp  6

Four reprints or official imitations  7

Growth of Caribbean operations  14

Agent and Purser marks  14

Manuscript ship names  15

Some statistics  16

Early use of purser marks  16

Monsieur L.-H. Reine and Routing 18

Table 2: Stone’s classification system  19

Table 3: Frequency of purser handstamps  19

Table 4: Ships visiting Haiti with purser handstamps  20

Table 5: Agents or Agencies in Haiti  20

Table 6: Ports of Call in Haiti  25

References  26

Part II – Catalog of handstamped purser marks  27

Summary of purser handstamps  62

Appendix –Atlas shipwreck covers and postal card  64

20 18  29 25

27 26  30
32 33

Our fifth issue and second year of The Haiti Collector , March 2014, is now available for purchase and shipment.
Go to our order page to obtain your copy of this publication.
Volume 2, Number 1 is a full 60 page color magazine + cover.
Article in this issue:
The 1912 Leconte Issue: proofs, specimens, EKUs, town cancels, covers and more.
 8 14 59
Our fourth issue of The Haiti Collector , December 2013, is now available for purchase and shipment.
Go to our order page to obtain a copy of this issue.
Volume 1, Number 4 is a full 40 page color publication + cover.
Articles in this issue are:
1906 Gold overprint varieties
A census of the 1891 Trial Proof sheet of 10 (8 different copies illustrated)
Patriotic and advertising covers (including the earliest known advertising cover)
story1     24 25 thc4-Back
The third issue of The Haiti Collector , September 2013, has arrived and is available for purchase and immediate shipment.
We have made yet another improvement, the journal is now perfect-bound. The Haiti Collector is now the most handsome philatelic publication on the market and thus a major collectors’ item. Go to our order page to obtain a copy of this issue.
Volume 1, Number 3 is a full 40 page color publication.
Articles in this issue:
Haiti’s Centenary Issue of 1903, Part I – the conclusion of the first segment
The 3c “réponse payée” Postal Card
Thomonde, a Tale of “Two Cities”
Additional Printings of the ABNC Issue of 1898-1899.
p1 p4 p6 p7
Our second printed issue is out. We thank all the buyers and supporters of our first issue. Volume 1, Number 2 of The Haiti Collector is a full-color 44 page printed journal. An article by Peter Jeannopoulos on Haiti’s Centenary Issue of 1903, Part I can be found and bring some light on these difficult stamps. Articles by Abdel Nassar on three of Haiti’s gold coins (Duvalier’s 1000 gourdes of 1967 is one of them), and on the postcards of German printer Albert are to be found (all cards illustrated). Click on thumbnails to view full pages. To order click here.
Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 3.52.48 AM
p5  p12    p32 p42
Volume 1, Number 1 is the premiere issue of The Haiti Collector. This new, full-color, 40-page journal seeks to bring insight to the collectible areas of Haitian philately, deltiology, numismatics, and cartography. To order, click here.

p0p1 p2p3p6



  1. James says:

    This looks like a great, well-designed publication. I have already placed an order and I’m looking forward to reading the content.


  2. Tom Wrenn says:

    Hi, is this a regular magazine? Monthly? Quarterly? Thanks


  3. Fred says:

    Got my copy of your magazine today. Very nice presentation I must say. Wishing you all the best and success in your endeavor.


  4. Joseph says:

    Great professional job. Will you be offering subscription ? Who is producing it? Not much information on About Us section.


  5. Mike S. says:

    Enjoyed my copy of your journal. As someone else said, you guys are professionals. Is Mr. Nassar an editor at another publication? Kudos.


  6. Gregory Carrubba says:

    This is the first time I have ever heard of this publication. Did you E-Mail me about the first volume back in January of this year? It looks pretty good.
    Greg Carrubba


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