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PPH-Pharmacie-Centrale-cover  2 inside

Pharmacie Centrale d’Haïti (2014) – 88 page color book, 150+ images

Complete survey of postcards produced by Pharmacie Centrale d’Haïti from 1900 to 1913. This volume is part of the Postcard Publishers of Haiti series. All cards  are inventoried and priced. To order click here  .


CPH4-front ginter kunzli STower    CPH4-pages CPH4-back

Cartes Postales Haïtiennes – Winter 2010, volume 4 was reprinted and revised. This issue of the journal contains articles about Allen & Ginter trade cards, Künzli postcards, the various Miesler card types, Bohl and Koch, Stöwer’s series on the German ultimatum to Haiti in 1897, Zieher’s varieties, Madsen building updates and Weibel types. This second edition is now available. To purchase please click on the Order tab at the top of this page..

For those who have inquired about purchasing copies of Cartes Postales Haïtiennes – Winter 2011, volume 5, they will have to wait a little longer. As soon as we have enough requests, we will proceed in making a second printing or edition  of Volume 5.



Postcards of Haiti: 2012 price guide is a useful volume for both collectors and sellers of Haiti cards. Published in December 2012, this new postcard guide book is available now. Prices can finally be established with better accuracy on a market that constantly sees a very wide range of prices for the same or similar cards.

price guide back2

To purchase please click on the Order tab at the top of this page.



  1. Marc E. says:

    Bought a copy and can’t say that I regret it. Found lots of info about cards that I buy on Ebay. Makes me realize how I have been overpaying for what I have been purchasing. I understand that other postcard books are out on Haiti. Where could I find them. Titles? Thanks


    • Yes there are several publications on Haiti postcards:
      Haiti: A catalog of Picture Postcards, 1897-1997 (1998) by Peter C. Jeannopoulos
      Port-au-Prince en Images / Images of Port-au-Prince (2000) by by Peter C. Jeannopoulos
      Cartes Postales Haïtiennes, Vol 4 Winter 2010 (2011) by Abdel Nassar published by Bureaux Aldsar
      Cartes Postales Haïtiennes, Vol 5 Winter 2011 (2012) by Abdel Nassar published by Bureaux Aldsar


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